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Let’s get your training journey started.

All training at Unleashed starts with an Assessment, if it’s your dogs first lesson please choose assessment.

If you’ve already completed an assessment and are now ready to book a 1-1 Follow up appointment with your trainer please choose 1-1 Follow Up Appointment.


In our 1-1 Follow Up session, we continue to work with you and your dog following the initial assessment, extending and refining the training journey. You will have discussed this during your Initial Assessment with our trainers.

These follow-up sessions are tailored to provide ongoing support as you and your dog make progress towards your training goals.

If this is your first time booking with us, please book an initial assessment with our trainers.


Let’s start you dog training journey at Unleashed. All training starts with an Assessment. This is imperative to be able to set you onto the right path and lay essential foundations prior to attending classes or furthering training.

During your initial assessment, your trainer will have an in-depth conversation with you regarding your dog’s current behaviour and all possible factors that have contributed towards any unwanted behaviour. If there is no apparent unwanted behaviour, the conversation will be utilised to discuss and assess your training goals.

After this discussion, your trainer will handle your dog practically and work with him/her in order to find a suitable starting point for yourself and your dog to begin training. The trainer will provide a detailed overview of all techniques and learning theory and make any reasonable adjustments to suit the individual needs of your dog and yourself as handler.

Following the above, there will be time for you to handle your dog and put what you have learned into practice with the supervision of the trainer. We understand that this can be quite daunting to new clients but rest assured, you will be encouraged and have the full support of your trainer. Unleashed are there with you every step of the way so please don’t be nervous.

Once you are happy with your handling we will then task you with some homework in order to generalise what you have learnt at the training centre within your dog’s home environment. Homework is normally expected to last around 3-4 weeks, as repetition is key when changing behaviour.

During your homework, you will have your trainer’s full support via message. This allows your trainer the opportunity to liaise with you on a one to one basis for support and you can send videos of your progress privately for feedback.


The only circumstances in which your trainer will not handle your dog will be if they deem such handling to be counter productive for the dog itself.  It is extremely rare that this is the case, but welfare will always be our top priority.

Puppy Assessments (14 weeks – 6 months) The initial stages of the assessment remain the same, assessing your dogs temperament, your current routine, handling style and objectives. The trainer will then discuss how to aid your puppy to reaching his/her full potential and make amendments to your current routine and handling style to support this. Your trainer will cover a variety of training techniques to assist you in laying the much needed foundations. You will be tasked with homework and invited back for a free follow up session to ensure you are on the right path.