Expert Trainer

Connor came to Unleashed with Yogi, his young Cockapoo. After being failed by several other trainers Connor was able to successfully rectify all of the problem behaviours by working with Unleashed. These included reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, lead pulling and over arousal.

Under Unleashed’s supervision Connor went onto successfully rehabilitate a German Shepherd named Xena who was severely human and dog aggressive. She is now living her best life with her new owners.

During his 18 months of shadowing Connor raised Zagan, his Belgian Malinois from puppy to a fully trained personal protection dog. He competes with Zagan in dog sports and has won 2nd place trophy in Puppy Defend and Pursue.

Connor is now a very well-rounded trainer with many success stories to his name. He continues his journey of supporting and rehabilitating dogs as well as competing in dog sports.