Expert Trainer

Over a period of 12 months, Robbie successfully rehabilitated his border collie (Toby) under Danny’s instruction. He then spent a further 12 months training him to a high level of obedience and mastered several impressive tricks.

At this point, Robbie showed a keen interest in dog handling and took on his first Malinois (Rue). This dog had been discharged from the prison service due to redirected aggression. This was no easy task for a then ‘novice’ handler.

Within one year of taking on this dog, he had titled her in both ZWP 1 & 2 and Placed 2nd at the AVD obedience trials. Thus, turning a dog that was considered a liability into a balanced pet and trustworthy personal protection dog.

Robbie spent 16 months actively volunteering at Unleashed, earning his way into the training team. Robbie is now a valuable member of the team, always striving for perfection, with many positive client testimonies.