Expert Trainer

Lewis’s first taste of real dog training came in the form of rehabilitating his German Shepherd (Ox), a dog that had 5 bites to his name and had been failed by 4 behaviourists and 2 trainers.

Lewis was then living in Oxford and would travel to Unleashed every 6-8 weeks for continuation training as well as every weekend to attend group classes. This showed an exceptional level of commitment to his dog.

3 years on, Ox is a walking demonstration of Lewis’ skill as a trainer.

Having rehabilitated such a dangerous dog with not one mistake along the way, Lewis was offered a position as an assistant trainer. He moved his whole life to Merseyside and apprenticed for a period of 16 months. He is now a very well-rounded trainer with many success stories to his name and a skilled decoy.

Lewis is now training his second dog (a Malinois called Eli) so that he can actively compete in working trials.